About the music / about me

The music I produce, write and sing is an expression of my
love to God and to His son Yeshua of Nazareth the Messiah,
the beautiful man and mediator
who are seated at the
right side of God.

Inspirations to the song lyrics I get from some parts
of the Bible like
Song of Songs (Shir HaShirim),
Hosea (Hoshea), The new testament (Brit HaDasha)

and parts of my song lyrics I compose
by writing own poetry.

I desire most of the music to be composed in a way
that gives a classical music orchestra sound
combined with a hebrew music sound.
I love writing
and find it beautiful to blend english and Hebrew
lauguies in some of my song lyrics.

My faith
A story of love...

Around six years ago in Sweden where I live, I recived Yeshua of Nazareth the son of God
 as my saivior and lord and started a journey to try to follow him and get to know him,
 the beautiful man who gave his life, died to save us and then was risen
at the third day and now is alive.  And now I have come to realised that it is the
greatest real lovestory ever told – and I am in it,
and every human who believes in him.

When I reed about Yeshua in
the Gospel of John

my heart was not longer mine,
but his... 
It was impossible for me not to give it to him
whom my soul suddenly loveth.

I will seek him whom my soul loveth.”

( Song of Songs 3:2 / Shir HaShirim )